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Benefits of Fascial Stretch Therapy™

Did you know:

  • We lose 10% of our flexibility for every 10 years we age.
  • 47% of flexibility is locked up in the joint capsule.
  • 42% of flexibility potential is in the fascia.
  • Assisted stretching is much better than self stretching.
  • Many NFL, MLB, NHL, and Olympic teams use FST to get an edge on their competitors.
  • FST  can benefit everyone from the teenage athlete to the professional athlete or serious weekend warrior; from the working professional to our golden generation.

FST™ can:

  • Reduce or eliminate back problems and pain.
    • When the muscles in the low back, as well as the hip flexors (psoas and iliacus) are tight, it causes the discs and nerves in the spine to be pinched. By helping these muscles to become unrestricted, it creates space in the spine, helping to free up the discs and nerves.
  • Increase body balance and symmetry.
    • When restrictions are released, the body is able to go back into balance and alignment.
  • Reduce risk of injury, especially sprains and strains.
    • When the body  can move without restriction it is less likely to get injured.
  • Reduce muscle soreness and tension.
    • FST works to help relieve the tension that is held in the fascia. When the fascia is released, the muscles the fascia is holding in place can also relax. When this happens, the soreness caused by the tension will go away. 
  • Improve posture and muscle function.
    • The body is able to stand up straight due to opposing muscles. For example, the upper back muscles are the opposing muscles to the chest muscles. When the chest is too tight (which can be caused by slouching, using a computer, holding a baby or working out), it can cause the shoulders to rotate forward; this can cause the upper back muscles to overwork causing pain. Stretching out the chest muscles will open up the chest, letting your shoulders rotate back to their natural position, improve your posture and eliminate the pain. 
  • Enhance sports performance and the ability to move better.
    • Doing any physical activity puts stress on your body. By taking advantage of assisted stretching, you will be able to free up the joint and surrounding tissue and muscle groups, that you would not normally access during static self initiated stretching. This will also help increase range of motion and  raise endurance levels in your favorite activities. 
  • Reduce recovery time from exercise.
    • Everyone who works out knows the aches and pains that come with the variety of exercises available to us. Assisted stretching can help eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of time spent recovering from these activities by alleviating the aches and pains from the fascia and muscles. This will help you get back to your activities faster.  
  • Improve circulation.
    • When muscles and fascia are tight or stuck, it constricts the blood vessels and reduces the blood flow. This can cause the muscles to become weak. Getting the fascia and muscles to relax will allow the blood to flow freely and get nutrients to the muscles, helping them to become strong and healthy.