9769 W. 119th Drive, Suite 4
Westminster, CO 80021

COVID-19 Update 4/29/2020

Hello Everyone! 

While we’re not open quite yet, we wanted to update you on things that are upcoming and give you some information on what’s happening with Stretch Colorado. We want you all to know that we’re still here and still intend on opening back up as soon as we’re allowed! 

Here’s some of the current information to update you all based on questions we have received from some of you: 

  • Our intention is to open after the current stay at home orders expire on May 8, 2020. While this is later than our original anticipated date of May 1, it is definitely not as bad as it could be. Some of you will be receiving phone calls in the next few days to reschedule your appointments.

  • Many of the original protocols we put in place just before being forced to close will be continued once we open in addition to any further mandated items from the state. We’ll post up again with full details once we have that put together prior to opening.

  • GROUPON’s that have expired will still be honored as previously posted. Please ensure you have booked your appointment if you have one of these. 

We thank you so much for being patient during all of this. We know it’s been hard on everyone and are grateful for the kind words and support that many of you have offered while we have been down.

Please continue to support your local small businesses once we open back up in any way you can. Everyone is going to need it to help get started back up as quick as possible!