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Groupon Update


First, we’d like to thank all of you who purchased as part of our promotion! To say the response to our campaign was a little overwhelming would be an understatement, however, it’s been exciting to meet so many new people and see some of you return for additional services! The downside to this is that it has created a bit of a booking backlog that has us booked up almost two months from now and is causing some headaches as per our last post. 

We just wanted to put out additional information regarding Groupon vouchers to help clarify a few points as we’ve received quite a few questions over the last few weeks. 

While the campaign is over, anyone who has purchased a voucher has four months from the time of purchase to use it for the discount per Groupon’s agreement with Stretch Colorado.

We encourage you to book sooner than later to avoid expiration of your Groupon before your services can be booked. If you are unable to book for a date within that time frame, please go ahead and book a date/time and ask to be placed on the waiting list so we can call you if an additional time slot opens up. We will try to accommodate where were we can, however, keep in mind that the wait list is sometimes short notice and there is no guarantee that we can get you in before your expiration date.

If this presents a major hurdle, we suggest you contact Groupon for a refund prior to the expiration.  

Once a Groupon has expired, we cannot honor the fully discounted price beyond that expiration date per our agreement with Groupon. What this means is that once the Groupon has expired, you will need to pay the difference of the service. For example, if you paid $35 for a 60-minute massage, your Groupon is still valid for $35 off of our regular $50 service which means the 60-minute massage would cost $15 upon your visit. Again, we are bound by our agreement with Groupon. 

We understand that life happens and sometimes it is hard to get in if you have tricky schedule. If anything like that is happening to you and you call us with enough notice we will see if there is anything we can do to help you. Please make sure if you call that you leave a voicemail. A second option is to send us an email. Being this busy means that we can’t always get to the phone or answer emails immediately so we apologize if we’re calling/emailing later in the evenings. 

Thank you again for your support and your business!