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Westminster, CO 80021


We are aware that some of you have been having some concerns/issues with how far out we’re booked and we wanted to give you an update to help clarify what’s been going on!

As many of you are aware, in October we decided to undergo a Groupon campaign that has overwhelmed us just a little bit. While it’s been great to meet so many new people and have so much interaction, it’s been a little crazy around here as far as scheduling but we ask for just a little patience. 

Despite opening up additional time on the schedule, it’s been hard to fit in everyone and we apologize for that. We just want you to know that we’re working with the schedule constantly to try to adjust it so we can fit more of you in to keep up with the demand. The best way to get a current view of the schedule and ensure you’re scheduled for the next available date/time is still to visit our booking page and review our schedule there. While phone calls and emails are great, there is a time delay in there that can cost you a newly opened slot during our exchange of emails and phone tag. If you would like to get on a waiting list, we can add you! Just make sure you book online with the next available date and then contact us to have your name added to our waiting list so you’re the next to be called when someone cancels or has to move their appointment. 


Our Groupon campaign is coming to an end so the “rush” will be lightening up in the next few weeks as well. This will allow for the schedule to clear up some and return to “normal” within the next month or two. We thank you again for your patience and look forward to meeting you or seeing you again!