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Level 2 Fascial Stretch Therapy

I just returned from level 2 FST training in Tempe Arizona. I have to say it is a completely different feeling from level 1. I remember after a week of level one feeling very good and relaxed. After a week of level two, I have never felt better. I honestly don’t think I have ever felt this limber in my life. Especially after having a baby. I had surgery on my arm a year ago due to a cyst inside a bone in my wrist. The cyst caused pain and swelling in my wrist and arm causing tendinitis. During the course of the week, the fascia throughout my shoulder, arm and hand was able to be released helping the muscles and tendons to release as well. I am now pain free in that arm.

Level two is much deeper into the fascia and the joints than level one. You feel the stretches much more, but it’s still just under the point where it would start to be painful. With the traction, the feel for where the tissue stops and the communication between the therapist and the client, there should be no pain. It’s very important to keep that line of communication open and to let the therapist know if you are feeling pain, pinching or are uncomfortable.

While I was there, I went to dinner with my cousin and she asked me if I was taller. I took a moment to sef evaluate and I did indeed feel taller. I felt like my shoulders sat back and down more than they used to, which for me is huge because my posture is not the best.

With the New Year coming up and resolutions being made, a great resolution to make is to get stretched out. It will help with other popular resolutions like losing weight, staying active, and being healthy. To help with that we are offering a starter pack of 3 full body stretch sessions for only $150! That is only $50 a session. You will save a total of $90 with that and you will be able to test out the benefits of FST! Just call or go online to book your appointment and mention this deal at your session.